Ramtha’s prediction on outbreak of Supercell Storms

Supercell thunderstorms in southeast U. S.
“As metro Atlanta dusted itself off after a bout of severe weather Monday [April 25] night, it also braced itself for and (sic) even stronger system — with the potential for tornadoes and supercell thunderstorms — expected to enter the area Wednesday afternoon [April 27],” quoting the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Storms, tornadoes ravage South
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Video taken at the University of Alabama with an approaching funnel cloud.

“‘Never seen devastation like this,’ Obama says…”
“The National Weather Service estimated that there were 211 tornadoes on Wednesday [April 27] and Thursday [April 28], the largest outbreak ever recorded. The previous record in one event occurred from April 3-4, 1974, with 148 tornadoes, the agency said.

The powerful tornadoes combined with storms to cut a swath of destruction heading west to east. It was the worst U.S. natural disaster since Hurricane Katrina in 2005, which killed up to 1,800 people.

The high death toll seems surprising in the era of Doppler radar and precise satellite forecasts. But the storms were just too wide and too powerful.

These were the most intense super-cell thunderstorms that I think anybody who was out there forecasting has ever seen,” said meteorologist Greg Carbin at the National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma,” quoting MSNBC.

Joplin, MO. records deadliest tornado in Missouri history – May 22, 2011
“Super cell storms turning deadly in Spring 2011”
“The outbreak (Sunday) and a month ago is really kind of an anomaly that defies all of the good that we’ve done in terms of the technology to reduce casualties,” Simmons said. “What happened (Sunday) and what happened a month ago in Alabama was big tornadoes that were not only very large and violent tornadoes, but they were on the ground for a long time and they went through populated areas.”
By Kathryn Sharkey of the Herald-Democrat in Texas.
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Learn about Supercell Storms
“Structure and Dynamics of Supercell Thunderstorms” from the National Weather Service, Louisville, KY Weather Forecast Office.

– UPDATE: December 22, 2013
“Strongest Jet Stream Ever Recorded To Bring Two Super Storms To United Kingdom Region … With Possible Tornadoes In Ireland”
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Ramtha spoke in Autumn 2011 of coming supercell storms
“But there is a force pulling on the Earth that at once will hurt it but in the end will be its salvation. And so what does this all mean? If none of this were to happen at all and your icecaps continued to break down — Oh, no, it won’t take thirty years. They tell you that. They don’t want anyone panicking, you know. They don’t want you to panic. No, it would take one event to bring the icecaps to melting when the sky catches on fire, and there is a reason it will do that too. Just with that continued melting and the change of the ocean’s temperature — just that — will create the most severe storms and supercells in the strangest of places. As that intensifies, it is going to get more rigorous in winter, and in the year that comes, you will see more storms and then a lull.”

– Ramtha
September 24, 2010
London, England Campaign

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