Information Presented at the March, 2011 Primary Retreat

Here are the links that will lead you to the information presented at the Primary Retreat.

– From JZ’s opening talk Saturday, March 26, here are the USA and global maps with reactors and fault lines:

– The article and quiz Mike shared on behalf of JZ before Ramtha’s entrance on Thursday, March 31:

– The map we found during Ramtha’s short break from the teaching Thursday, March 31 was a flood map made by a global warming site. This was not an ideal choice but was the only interactive map that we could use with zoom/pan to display the world. You can visit the site at . To get 1000 feet, enter 12,000 inches. Even so, this map is NOT about tsunami waves. For that, we are still searching.

– The European Space Agency (ESA) information about Japan:
YouTube link:

Supporting documents from the ESA Web site:

– “Ramtha’s School supports the democracy movements in North Africa and the Middle East. It is time for the tyrants to leave,” quoting YouTube.
You are encouraged to make shorter clips and redistribute. Break into parts and repost elsewhere.

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