Ramtha predicted Japan’s movement – in 1986

Japan moves from major earthquake March 11, 2011
“Already, just over 36 hours after the quake, data-crunchers had determined that the temblor’s force moved parts of eastern Japan as much as 12 feet closer to North America, scientists said, and that Japan has shifted downward about two feet,” quoting the Los Angeles Times.

Ramtha spoke of Japan moving in May, 1986:
“There is a new landmass that is creating itself at the present moment off of your country called Japan. Know you what that is? The people of the Rising Sun, grand name. It is a new shelf rising to the surface, and the shelf of that pressure coming to the surface is going to create quite a bit of activity with regard to earthquakes in Japan.
When something rises, you must make room for it. That which is called this particular island country is going to be moving, as it were indeed, to the west to allow that which is rising on the east to be its closest neighbor.”

– Ramtha
May, 1986

(Excerpt from: Change — The Days to Come, May 17-18, 1986. Ramtha Dialogues®. Copyright © 2005 JZ Knight)

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