Ramtha’s Old Classic Teachings Illustrated in the Super-Hit Movie AVATAR

January 2010

There is so much in the recent movie AVATAR that Ramtha has been teaching about for so long. Not only is it beautifully illustrated and captured on film but it is plucking a chord of truth among the millions of fans who watch it around the globe!

We all remember the tunnel and the wall of light JZ consistently described since the late 1970s, which she experiences every time she channels Ramtha and Ramtha “links-up” with her to “drive” her body to teach his message live.

You may also remember Ramtha’s description of his ancestors from beyond the North Star, the Lemurian race that colonized the Earth eons ago. They were giants, 7- to 12-feet tall and more, with golden eyes. Ramtha said they originally had beautiful pale-blue to deep-indigo skin tones because of their planet’s central blue suns. The Lemurians were not technological people like the Atlatians but were lovers of nature who understood the interconnected web-work of life, similar to the Na’vi in AVATAR.

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