Part II: The Enigma of You & Time, May 18-20, 2012 –
Event Links

The following links were presented at the event
Part II: The Enigma of You & Time, May 18-20, 2012.

* Links presented May 18, 2012
– JZ Knight suggests NY Times reporter’s book:
The Power of Habit
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– JZ Knight recommends this book:
Subliminal: How Your Unconscious Mind Rules Your Behavior
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– Greg Simmons recommends this book:
Oblivion America At the Brink
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– The music theme for this grand event:
Elements and Things by Tony Joe White

* Links presented May 19, 2012

Hippocampus Animation
Photo credit: Wikipedia

Hippocampus, Brain cut-away view
Photo credit: Wikipedia

Hippocampus, shape is of a seahorse
Photo credit: Wikipedia

Hippocampus, circuitry
Photo credit: Wikipedia

– “How our brains are wired:
Scanner reveals inner workings in stunning new detail”

“Curvature in this image of a whole human brain turns out to be folding of 2D
sheets of parallel neuronal fibers that cross paths at right angles,” quoting UK’s Daily Mail

Read more from the RSE-Newsletter post.
Click here for the Mass. General Hospital YouTube video.
Read more from the Mass. General Press Release.

– Ramtha’s Diagram of the Brain, Neurons and Triad
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– Press Release of May 10, 2012:
“Ramtha’s School Of Enlightenment Students Glimpse The Future”
“Remote-Viewing exercise makes uncanny predictions”
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– Remote-Views demonstrate remarkable accuracy
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– Updated Remote-View calender from the February, 2012 Advanced Retreat.
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* Links presented May 20, 2012
On May 19, Ramtha reiterated his teaching presented at the September, 2011 All Group Follow-up, emphasizing the high places in the areas surrounding his Campaigns and selected World Tour venues as safe areas in the days to come.
The locations are in high places near:
– Guadalajara, Mexico
– Medellin, Colombia
– Cordoba, Argentina
– Spinello, Italy
– Ourense (Galicia), Spain
– Quillan, France
– Broederstroom, South Africa
– Bathurst, NSW, Australia
– Taiwan
– South Korea
Read more from that teaching.

This morning, MSNBC reports: “6.0-magnitude earthquake strikes near Bologna, Italy at least 5 dead”
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Our School’s students living in the Spinello, Italy area are safe and report no damage there.
Sportilia-Spinello are approximately 120 km (90 miles) from the epicenter.

– Stay connected with the latest RSE student news, sign-up for RSE’s TWEETS.
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– “A Mid-Summer Eve Celebration with Ramtha”
July 7, 2012
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Charlie & Linda Roy acknowledged as they end 16 years of serving
our students in the Food Court

– Event’s Photo Album
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– World Events Update II Music List
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